iron loss angle

There are times when permanent magnet motors are designed with a magnet made with overhang, in other words made longer than the stator’s stack length, in order to strengthen the magnetic field that it creates. A space is necessary in the stator core to supply the coil ends, and there is a wasted space in the rotor if the rotor and stator have the same stack length, so a magnet is placed in this space with the objective of increasing the magnetic flux without making the magnet thicker. However, the magnetic field produced by the overhanging part of the magnet enters the stator at an angle, so magnetic flux is produced in the lamination direction, which creates a possibility of increasing eddy current loss by a wide margin. When the overhang is too big, the magnet’s magnetic field goes to waste because it does not reach the stator.

Angle of lag = ɸ0 Pc = V1 I0 cos ɸ0 R0 = V1 / Ic Xm = V1 / Im .

For this reason it is necessary to set up the overhang amount properly while looking at the trade-off between an increase in torque and an increase in losses. A magnetic field analysis using the finite element method (FEM), which can obtain the relationship between a three dimensional magnetic field and eddy currents, is an effective method for an advance study.
This Application Note presents the use of a no-load iron loss analysis of an SPM motor with and without an overhanging magnet

luminous intensity

光度(こうど、英語: )は、点状の光源からある方向へ放射される光の明るさを表す物理量である。 光束を光源を中心とする立体角による微分として表される。 光度はヒトの感じる量を表す心理物理量の一つである。
国際単位系におけるSI基本量の一つとして位置付けられており、次元の記号として J が与えられ、SI基本単位としてカンデラ(記号: cd)が定められている。 他のSI基本量とは異なり、光度はヒトが感じる量である。
同じエネルギーの光であっても波長によってヒトは明るく感じたり暗く感じたりする。光度は波長ごとに視感度によって重み付けをすることで定義される。 波長 λ ごとの分光放射強度を Iλ とし、視感度を Kλ とすれば、光度は

Incirlik Air Base

インジルリク空軍基地 (英語: Incirlik Air Base, トルコ語: İncirlik Hava Üssü) は トルコ南部に位置するアメリカ空軍とトルコ空軍が主に使用する空軍基地である。3320エーカーズ以上の広さを持つ基地でありアダナ県の4分の1を占めるインジルリクに位置する。基地は市街地で1.7万人の人口があり、中心市街地から東に10 km(6 マイル) 、 地中海から 32 km(20 マイル) の内陸部に位置する。イギリス空軍とサウジアラビア空軍も使用する。

The Impact of Employees’ Motivation

Abstract Now a days most of the organizations around the corporate world are allocating more in their human resources rather than capital structure, as they believe that employees are significant base for improving their profitability and achieve success.

Researchers have put their best into finding new avenues, where an organization can improve its performance. Thus the purpose of this research is to empirically investigate the influence of employee motivation on performance. In order to materialize the objective, researchers were required to get the questionnaire filled from the employees working in two selected service based organizations. Once the data was collected regression analysis was performed along with that, Cronbach’s alpha test was also performed to test the reliability of the constructs. The constructs in this study were statistically significant, except empowerment. The study also found a positive relation between motivation and performance indicating that the higher the motivation the higher the performance. Thus, concluding that there were ample evidences that autonomy, recognition have significant influence on motivation, which eventually impact on performance of the employees of investigated service organizations based in Karachi, Pakistan. The study recommends that organizations should formulate and implement the kind of policies that ensures the autonomy and due recognition of the employees from time to time, which in turn could help organization to motivate their employees, so that the organization performance can be fuelled.

total asset turnover

総資本回転率(そうしほんかいてんりつ、total asset turnover)は、財務分析上の概念の一つ。売上高を総資本(総資産)で除した値である。


Gwadar (Balochi and Urdu: گوادر‎; pronounced [ɡʷɑːd̪əɾ], Arabic: غوادر‎) is a port city on the southwestern coast of Balochistan, Pakistan. The city is located on the shores of the Arabian Sea opposite to Oman. Gwadar was an overseas possession of Oman from 1783 to 1958. It is about 120 kilometres (75 mi) southwest of Turbat, while the sister port city of Chabahar in Iran‘s Sistan and Baluchestan Province is about 170 kilometres (110 mi) to the west of Gwadar.

For most of its history, Gwadar was a small to medium-sized settlement with an economy largely based on artisanal fishing. The strategic value of its location was first recognized in 1954 when it was identified as a suitable site for a deep water port by the United States Geological Survey at the request of Pakistan while the territory was still under Omani rule.[2] The area’s potential to be a major deep water port remained untapped under successive Pakistani governments until 2001, when construction on the first phase of Gwadar Port was initiated.[3] The first phase was inaugurated by General Parvez Musharraf in 2007 at a total cost of $248 million.[4] The port remained underutilized after construction for a variety of reasons, including lack of investment, security concerns, and the Government of Pakistan’s failure to transfer land as promised to the port operator, Port of Singapore Authority.[5]

In April 2015, Pakistan and China announced their intention to develop the $46 billion China–Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC),[6] which in turn forms part of China’s ambitious One Belt, One Road.[7] Gwadar features heavily in CPEC, and is also envisaged to be the link between the One Belt, One Road and Maritime Silk Road project.[8] $1.153 billion worth of infrastructure projects will be invested into the city as part of CPEC,[9] with the aim of linking northern Pakistan and western China to the deep water seaport.[10] The city will also be the site of a floating liquefied natural gas facility that will be built as part of the larger $2.5 billion Gwadar-Nawabshah segment of the Iran–Pakistan gas pipeline project.[11] In addition to investments directly under the aegis of CPEC in Gwadar city, the China Overseas Port Holding Company in June 2016 began construction on the $2 billion Gwadar Special Economic Zone,[12] which is being modelled on the lines of the Special Economic Zones of China.[13] In September 2016 the Gwadar Development Authority published a request for tenders for the preparation of expropriation and resettlement of Old Town Gwada

The Orinoco River



The Orinoco River is one of the longest rivers in South America at 2,140 kilometres (1,330 mi). ….. “The Waters and Sediments of the Rio Orinoco and its major Tributaries, Venezuela and Colombia.” United States Geological Survey …